10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Into A Relationship

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Love is an eternal feeling, its an emotion which completes a life, but this love doesn’t comes easy it brings many things like responsibility, commitment, expectations, understanding and a layers of feeling.

Two hearts together can make life more beautiful and their setting apart makes it worst, so before saying ‘Yes’ to someone , you need to think on and ask few questions to begin it right.

  1. Am I ready for it!


Sometimes things happen fast, we are friends today and tomorrow ot , but there is a need of time before becoming serious, relation brings in many changes, so ask yourself are you ready for those changes.


2. Do you Love him/her with the flaws!!


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No one is perfect, and often people think about that how good the other one is but you forget to ask Do you love the person irrespective of the flaws. This flaws can create many wrongs and of you love the person accepting the way he/she is, than its time to go ahead.

3. Can you be with each other without a reason!!


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When you are in love, spending time together gives the feeling of warmness; its not about partying, celebrating or about occasion; if you have no reason to meet, you have nothing to talk and still if you are being with each other just to enjoy the silence of each other, thab you are on right track.

4. Do you need to remind each other everything!!



We all the time say its OK,I understand but the reality is different, its not about remembering dates or anniversaries; if he/she remembers those small important things or habits of yours than the relationship is getting strong, because one won’t like saying everyone about his or her likes an habits.


5. Are you ready to come close!!



You can come close emotionally but there are times when you aren’t ready for physical intimacy, you need time and ask yourself that are you ready for it, is your partner understanding your perspective or are you just trying this for the other one while in real you are uncomfortable.

 6. Can you make each other feel special!!


This is the charm of the relationship, being special for someone makes you feel contented and if you can make each other feel that way then this is perfect and if not than do rethink.

 7. Is this surely Love or just attraction!!


We think about Love and later we get to know it wasn’t, this happens when one spend some more time with other and has similar liking and good personalities than you any wrongly term attraction as love and it’s a No No Good situation.


8. Do you respect each other!


If there is no respect, no trust, no freedom than there is no future or happiness lies ahead, do ask yourself about all this before entering a serious relationship.


9. Do shyness exist between us!!


It’s not about being term ‘shy’, the context here is a feeling of being uncomfortable in sharing the feelings or thoughts of hearts, their lies some kind of insecurity, fear in sharing all. If this is what happening than you need to think seriously before going ahead.




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Dimple Zala
Dimple Zala
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