7 Tricks To Lose Weight Effectively

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You diet, you exercise and you sweat but there is something that is going totally wrong and you are not getting the desired result. Well, you just need to follow certain guidelines to drop the kilos to a transformed new you!!!

Have A Cup of Warm Water With Cinnamon, Honey And Lemon

Yes, you see it right! On an empty stomach, drink a cup of lukewarm water with cinnamon, honey and lemon. It washes away the toxins in your body for the rest of the day. If consumed regularly, weight watchers will benefit immensely from it and shed kilos.

Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is never an option. You should have your first power meal of the day. Have a wholesome breakfast comprising of oats, bran flakes,egg whites and fruits. It will keep you power packed for the rest of the day.

Have A Cup Of Green tea Three Times A Day

A cup of green tea is fortified with antioxidants. It is not only good for health, it helps you loose weight as well as good for skin. A cup of green tea at breakfast, lunch and dinner will give you the best results. Gone are the days when you used to call yourself fat!!!!

Consume Lean Proteins

Eating lean proteins like fish, egg whites and chicken will help you reach your goal faster. Consumption of legumes and veggies, lentils, tofu, soy etc. not only cut down on weight but also make sure it keeps your skin elasticity intact. Proteins helps you burn fat faster compared to carbohydrates as it is harder for your body to break down carbs and digest.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Our body is made up of 70% of water , therefore drinking atleast 2.5-3 litres of water regularly will keep you hydrated. Water washes away toxins from your body and keeps you away from diseases and gives you energy to work and play the whole day. A glass of  water before every meal will keep you feeling full so that you can keep your food portions smaller and aid in your weight loss.

Work Your Way Out

Run, skip, swim, dance or hit the gym— Just keep the pace going. Exercising atleast three to four times a week keeps you fit and keeps your weight in limits. A good workout keeps your heart healthy too and gives you great shape. So, what are you waiting for????

Snack On Nuts

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Nuts are a healthy way of keeping your hunger pangs in control. Nuts are fortified with essential vitamins, proteins and essential fats o keep you healthy. A handful of nuts before a workout will give you the right energy and strength to perform better. People who want to lose weight should eat nuts to keep their metabolism high and get the daily dose of proteins that it loses during the workouts.

Where  there is a will, there is a way. Just follow these tips and control your intake of junk food and a daily dose of simple exercises can help you to lose weight.

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