10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Book-Lover

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Whatever you do or tell, they’d associate that with a book in their mind. Dare you say something wrong about books, then you’ve to face their wrath. Their world revolves around books. Their entire life is almost centered around books. Book collecting is not just a mere hobby for them, it is an art. But book-lovers are beautiful creatures and dating them is something fantastical. Here are 10 reasons why you should date them:

1. They are empathetic

Yes, they can put themselves in your shoes and understand your situation. What’s more! They might also give solutions to your problems or go to the extent of solving it by themselves. You can call them up at any time and pour out what’s troubling you. The world needs such persons, right?

2. They can introduce you to new worlds

They have lived a thousand lives and explored places even without stepping out of their home. They know a tad too much about everything. Tell them the name of any place and they tell you interesting stories about it. So, you needn’t Google for anything.

3. They can improve your imagination

Imagine weaving stories in your mind? How cool it sounds! Yes, book-lovers can boost your imagination by narrating you lots of stories and tidbits. You can even creatively rethink situations or events that are about to happen. Visualize big and see the good results.

4. They are excellent listeners

They have waited for pages and pages to get to know the climax. They simply don’t rush to the end, since they’ve practiced patience with each book. Also, they wouldn’t interrupt you while you talk. Instead, they’d prod you to tell more and they completely concentrate on what you tell.

5. You can easily please them

Argued with them? All you need to calm them down is a book. Want to buy a gift for them? Visit a bookstore, buy a book and gift them. Or get them vouchers to buy books. You’ll be showered with gratitude and affection.

6. They don’t mind you going out without them


Seriously, they value their alone time as much as you value your time hanging out with your buddies. They can easily compromise with you, for they’d have a book waiting for them at home. They would surely grant your privacy and allow you to be independent.

7. They appreciate small things

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They take joy in everything you do. Be it just taking them out for a walk, they would enjoy it to the core. Most of all, they find beauty in every little thing that even you’d have taken for granted. That’s the sweetness of their nature.

8. They are reliable

You can tell them anything you want – even the darkest secret of yours. They’d ensure you utmost confidentiality. If something is bugging you too much, share with them. Not a single soul will get to know what passed between you both.

9. They always have something to talk to you

Well, that is self-explanatory, right? They read lots of books and hence they are subjected to gaining helluva information. They can talk to you for hours and hours without boring you. While you may cringe about the bland conversation, they’d make it interesting for you.


10. They don’t judge you

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Yes, they don’t. They get to know the intricacies of each character that they read about. Hence, they can understand your sophisticated character. You can choose to follow your weirdest dream or do something completely crazy. They will remain non-judgmental.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and date a book-lover. You’ll never regret it.

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