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10 Things Girls Do That Guys Find Adorable

10 things girls do that guys find adorable

Impressing a boy might not be that hard for a girl. Just wearing a sexy dress and a little bit of makeup and hair is usually going to do the trick. Mostly. May be you can say first impressions work well that way. But if you go for a long term kind of a thing there are a few little subtle things that girls do which guys find adorable. Most of the times, girls do not even know that guys dig the “unimportant things” that they do (just out of habit or say, the things ingrained in her nature). Or may be some girls are smart enough to know that and we might call them manipulative, but even that is kind of cute.

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 Here are a few things that we came up with that guys find  adorable and irresistible

1. That Pout and You Don’t Have a Way Out!


When the girl wants something (or may be doesn’t want something), out comes the pout and the guy has no way to escape that. It is so adorable that it’s impossible to disagree with her.

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2. Your Shirt is Mine and So Are You!

girl wearing boyfriend's shirt

There is nothing cuter in the whole world when a guy finds his girl wearing his oversized shirt. That is cute as well as sexy as hell. It says that she has a claim to her guy just as she has to his shirt.

3. Playing with Hair

Playing with hair

Guys love to see when girls play with their hair during conversations. The whole act when a girl just rolls her hair over her fingers or tucks a strand behind her ear is innocent but adorable times ten.

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4. Stealing Glances of Him

stealing glances

It happens that when a girl loves a guy she would constantly look into his eyes while she is busy talking to others. At other times she just steals glances at him. That makes the guy feel so important and irresistible, he just loves the attention.




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Written by Suchismita Mishra

Suchismita Mishra is a freelance writer and a blogger. She has a degree in microbiology and also is qualified as a teacher. She loves to read and read everything that she can lay her eyes on. A writer by passion, she loves to put her thoughts into words and be the voice for those who are a little less on the expressive side. She is always open to learn new facts and expand her wisdom.

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