12 Girl Signs Which Are Interpreted In A Wrong Way

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There is this basic myth when a Girl says No it means Yes and since years Girls are trying to make you understand that it means NO and that No has no Yes, but it doesn’t stops there, people do interpret girls in their own thoughts and here are few times when you misinterpreted them in the biggest wrong way.

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Here’re 12 Girl Signs Which Are Interpreted In A Wrong Way



If you message them and they are replying or asking question like ‘Who’ are you or talking to you it doesn’t mean they are Interested. Talking is a random thing every individual do and there is no big thing to take it to another kind of interest level.

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2) ‘Hug’ doesn’t mean she wants to have physical relationship


When a girl Hugs you or wants to Hug you she means Hug and not any other physical relationship

3) She isn’t scared


If they didn’t replied back it doesn’t mean they are scared it means they don’t want to create a scene. [Also read : 7 reasons why you should never get married ]

4) She’s not my type


She believes in arrange marriage, live-in relation or any it doesn’t make her a type of a girl.

5) She knows How to put her point in a group

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If they are replying back, it doesn’t mean they don’t have manners, you are pointing out them and few wont hear that out.

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6) No more Sacrifices 


If they are saying ‘OK’ it doesn’t mean they are giving it happily, the matter is about the situation and they are just trying to handle it, but expecting this every time isn’t Fair.


7) She had set her goals for the future

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If she is a Housewife or busy handling family it doesn’t mean they don’t have any goals, the fact it their family is their first priority.

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8) She is not shy-ing away 


Every individual takes time to settle down not each one is friendly, she may be one of the Shy kind and its not a matter to make fun of.

9) She’s straight forward not a Bitch


She speaks what she thinks and its not called Bitching.

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10) Drinking is not a Crime


She may be knowing about drinks, she may like drinking so what’s the problem in that.

11) That’s not called Exposing


If she wears a short dress it doesn’t mean she is exposing its her choice and you are no one to poke your nose in it.

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12) She has Ego and Attitude


Yes, Girls do have both of them at the right places and if you have a problem than just stay away.

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