5 Amazing Characters You Meet In Office Elevator

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If you have carefully noticed you get a wild stare from the lift-man when you enter the lift in the morning or exit during the late hours from the office. You should try to have to good relation with the lift-man because nobody knows when the lift will get stuck after all it’s a machine. Well coming to the characters you meet in office elevator, you’ll find different kinds of people who you only see while you travel in the lift and not in the office building.

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Here are 5 Amazing Characters You Meet In Office Elevator

1.An old business man who is always on phone rolling out his decisions

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A powerful employers who owns a company is always busy talking to his secretaries on phone and getting his job done. The most amazing part about this character is he doesn’t even recognize his own employees. His just in his own world.

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2.A women who gets into the lift even when its full and then starts telling men to stay away

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Why to get into the lift when there’s no space? And then blame men for a slight touch. It’s the worst thing that can happen to men. Try not to get in when there’s no space.

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3.A pretty girl comes in and stands beside you

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© Dharma Productions

You have no words to say when a pretty girl comes and stands beside you in the lift. You just keep staring at her. You want the lift to just keep going up-down without opening the door. Your heart beat rises and you just don’t want to get out the lift.

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4.An irritating guy with his loud music

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

A DJ kind of a guy gets in and comes with his loud music. This irritates everyone but nobody speaks out. Why do these people listen loud music in public places? No idea why, but it does irritate everyone.

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5.An old women who is seeking help to get in and out

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Old people do have a phobia of getting into elevator but they do manage to get in with the help of others. It’s good to help them and get them out of this phobia.

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Everyone travels through the office elevator. Here are 5 Amazing Characters You Meet In Office Elevator you should not miss.

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