5 Annoying Things Women Do In front Of Their Men

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It won’t be wrong to say that most people find women to be less annoying than men. However, there are a few habits in many women which men really don’t appreciate much or like at all; for example, using the terms like ‘patriarchy’ or similar dogmatic phrases way too much. It’s almost as annoying as someone who mentions ‘Jesus’ in every other sentence! Here are the top most annoying things which women do in front of their men:

1. Applying way too much make-up

The transparent lipstick is generally attractive, classy and good for almost all the occasions. As far as the overall face makeup is concerned, the main key is only to enhance the beauty while striving to maintain the natural look as much as possible. Most men love it when their women go all natural. Painting the eyebrows, eyelashes and cheeks with the unnatural colors or doing too much makeup is a BIG turn off for a lot of men. It can even make your man feel embarrassed to walk with you on the streets since you’d be drawing too much attention from the public!

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2. Complaining about their ex

Talking about your ex constantly with your present partner is not healthy at all. They’re two very different men and come from different backgrounds, have different upbringings. You must realize that all men are not same. To gain stability in your current relationship, you need to let go of your past ones! Stop bringing your ex in conversations. He’s gone. He’s not important. Plus, talking about him with your partner can end up making him feel insecure or just annoy him a lot. You do not want any of these, do you?

3. Using coarse/abusive language

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Don’t take it as a sexist remark, but anyone, be it a man or a woman, does not seem nice when they use too much of a coarse language. It only sounds even worse from a woman’s mouth. No matter how much your man loves you, if the use of abusive language from your mouth goes beyond a normal scale, it may start to annoy him.

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4. Talking in a baby voice

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Not only annoying, for some men it can even feel like pouring hot lava in the ears and burning the vestibulocochlear nerve! Yes. Many women have this false belief than men find it cute when women talk in a baby voice while the reality is the exact opposite. Some men may like it, but most men hate it. They just probably don’t want to embarrass you by saying it to your face. Men like smart, mature woman, not a child-like behaving woman they see as their potential partner.

5. Wearing tight clothes

Some women really believe that wearing tight clothes would make them look more appealing to their men. Sure, it looks good on a good body. But, if you do not have that perfect body, your man is only going to think that you are trying too hard to show how little self-respect you have.

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