5 Psychological Signs She Is Trying To Flirt With You

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Confused whether she is interested in you or just playful around you? Girls never make it easy to guess their intentions.They’re always best at giving mixed signals but there are always some sure shot sign which you can look for to understand if she is giving you some signal to make move or just consider you as a friend. Have a look at some of the key signs which will help you to figure out if she is trying to flirt with you so that you can make your move.

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Here’re 5 Psychological Signs That She Is Trying To Flirt With You

1. Playing with Hairs


Now if a girl is interested in you she will subconsciously try to attract you toward her (This is what even we as a man will do as well). Her hairs are one of the key aspects of her personality and she will try to use it to the fullest to attract you toward her.

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2. Curiosity


She will try to collect as much as information possible about you directly or indirectly to check if you are already seeing someone or not. She will try to know what you do at weekends, your female friends etc. If your answers seems vague to her, the curiosity will increase to next level

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3. Jealousy

Jealousy in Victorian Room Interior

Look for her reaction once you start talking to another girl in front of her. If she looks tensed or upset this signals a clear cut indication. Point to keep here in mind is that she should not be aware about your relationship status with that girl and she should smell something fishy otherwise this will not make an impact

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4. Eye Contact

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If the eye contact between you and here last slightly longer than usual eye contacts and her pupil dilates or there is a spark in her eye when she sees you, dude you stand a good chance with her.

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5. Touchy

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If the girl is looking out for reason to touch you and stand with you real close, Chance are she wants to take it to next level. The reason here is that a girl will never go close to anyone just like that if she doesn’t have any hidden motive. Just notice that if she behaves like this with everyone around her or you are the only lucky guy.

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