7 Psychological Reasons Why Every Girl Wants Sense Of Humor In A Guy She Is Dating

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A recent survey on what qualities girls like the most, Almost 95 per cent of  girl said sense of humor. Why ? Girls like it when a guy makes her giggle like a little school girl. Humor usually breaks the ice and get girls drop their guards.

You can see around you girls falling for a funny guy because there is a charm and electricity about them that is hard to deny.

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Here’re 7 Psychological Reasons Why Every Girl Wants Sense Of Humor In A Guy She Is Dating

1. Entertainment

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

You’ll never get bored if he’s around you. His spontaneity and humor will pull you and will make laugh and get things excited.

2. Witty sense of humor

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

You need to have some serious witty sense of humor to impress a girl. If a guy is funny then he has knowledge on different things and facts.

3. His social presence 

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

He helps you get out of awkward moments and makes his social presence alive. He knows what and how to speak in public when you’re around.

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4. Funny guys are secretly sensitive

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That special and comfortable feeling when he reveals his sensitive side to you. He trusts in you and makes everything possible for you.

5. Confidence 

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© Pinterest

It takes guts to poke fun at yourself, but he does it for you. It is something about having you on his arm, but anytime you are together, there is a chip on his shoulder that you find charming, yet playfully challenging. Just keep it light and avoid a low blow because underneath every funny guy is an emotional one.

6. He makes you feel comfortable and better person

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© Gif’s via tumblr

He teaches you to laugh at life and yourself. He is your stress relief. You feel safe when he is around. He impresses your friends and gets life in parties. His wacky impressions or dry sarcasm, you like it all.

7. Bring a smile to your face 

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

You laugh at his one-liners, then you’re in love with him and if you laugh at his funny antics, you probably have a crush. He knows how to make you laugh through tears.

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