5 Ways To Make Sure You Never Get Friendzone’d


How does it feels when you get friendzone’d, when you are trying to impress her and take your relationship to a step level. ” I don’t see you that way” or “we are just friends”. Such statement from the girl you are trying to hook up with, can bring down your confidence.

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Here’re 5 Ways To Make Sure You Never Get Friendzone’d

1. Clear your intentions


Now this doesn’t mean you need to tell the girl that how much you love her or you care for her. It just mean that she should get the vibe that you are interested in her in other way. If she is not interested in you, you will get to know straight away.

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2. Disagree with her


One of the biggest mistake we do with the girl is to agree with her at each and every point to create a nice guy image in her mind. Unless she understand that you may have an opinion different than her, she is going to take you for granted and then whatever you do to impress her, you are just wasting your time and energy.

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3. Touch her


Learn how to touch a girl without being considered as a creep. A slight touch on her elbow and holding her hand for that extra millisecond can do wonders to you.

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