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How To Spice Up Your Marriage

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Marriage is the union of two souls. That is what they say. But the two fellas are very very different. They married because they loved each other, or may be, they found each other suitable through some matrimonial site, or else may be because the parents played a part in setting them up.

Some years pass by, the beautiful years filled with passion, love and lust. Now slowly those seem to be fading. You are the same person and so is your spouse. What has changed then?

The familiarity with each other (a little too much of that) is what has dulled your life. While it is a good thing to know your spouse fully but the dullness that creeps into the marriage is not so desirable.

It is time you take matters into your own hands and try to add that extra bit of spice to liven up your marriage.

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Here are a few ideas to spice up your marriage and make it exciting once more:

Recreate your first date:

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The first time you met was magical. Whether it was before or after marriage is irrelevant.  Fireworks inside your mind and body are what you recall about your first date. It is time to recreate that once more. Recall the details and try doing it as close to the original date as possible. Invite your spouse and see the fireworks work their charm again inside the both of you.

Show your love:

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Remember the number of times you used to say “I Love You” in the whole day? How many times do you say it now? Spice it up by saying the three magical words to your spouse. Text them, write it in a letter and say them in his ears. You would hear them back for sure.

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Play a game:

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A naughty little game between you two is what can ignite the fire of passion once more. You can try out something from your own mind or may be look up the internet if you are a little less on the creative side.

 Go for a holiday:

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A weekend getaway or a long vacation (if you have the time to spare) can help you both relax and bond even closer. Try some place which would be interesting to the both of you. Even a change of place (and  the bed) would help rekindle the lost lust (and love ofcourse!).

Make something special:

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A card, a gift, a collage or even some dinner; anything that you use your own hands to create will be absolutely special for your person. May be you used to do it years back to make him feel special and with time (and the lack of it) you have stopped. It is time to get your hands dirty once more!

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Surprise your spouse:

How would you like to get a surprise once in a while from your spouse? May be it would be the same for the other as well. Surprise can come in a box, or in a bag or even on the bed. It is entirely upto you how you want to do it. Afterall, you know your spouse the best!

 Cosy up for a movie:

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There is nothing like a favorite movie and a take-out combination with your spouse. After so many years of togetherness it is certain to have a favorite movie and a favorite food that you both can bet on. Arrange for a quiet night (afternoons will also do) with dim lighting, a cosy sofa and some good wine. Snuggle up with your spouse and enjoy the best movie ever!


Try out a few and add more of your own ideas and see the sparks coming alive again in your marriage. You know that you love your spouse more than anything and are ready to jump into whatever challenge to bring back that what is now missing. Here is your chance. Go for it now and remember to be yourself in all of this, the person whom your better half adores!


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Written by Suchismita Mishra

Suchismita Mishra is a freelance writer and a blogger. She has a degree in microbiology and also is qualified as a teacher. She loves to read and read everything that she can lay her eyes on. A writer by passion, she loves to put her thoughts into words and be the voice for those who are a little less on the expressive side. She is always open to learn new facts and expand her wisdom.

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