6 Erogenous Zones on the Female Body That Every Man Should Know

During an intimate process partner usually focuses on the most famous erogenous zones on the female body- the neck, chest, lips, genital area. However, the body keeps many secrets, among which there are little-known, but no less effective erogenous zones. Knowledge of them can even help you in emotionally unavailable women dating

We will tell about the underestimated female erogenous zones in today’s article. Enjoy reading! 

1. Legs

Do not consider foot caress is a prerogative of fetishists. Feet and fingers are highly sensitive and their stimulation can bring a lot of pleasure.

Reflexologists believe that in the legs there are special zones responsible for sexual arousal. Doing soothing massage, you can find these points. The main thing is, do not get too carried away and count on your strength. There are a lot of nerve endings concentrated in the legs and inaccurate touch can bring discomfort.

2. Back

This is one of the basic erogenous zones. But not everyone knows how to treat it. On the back, there is a large zone with the network of sensitive nerve endings. Walk with your fingertips along the back of the partner along the entire spine or gently kiss her back with your lips, focusing on those areas where she is most pleased. When you touch the erogenous zones of the back, she will begin to breathe faster or moan.

Back massage, which has a relaxing effect, is the right way to bring her into a state of excitement. In this way, you can not only relieve fatigue but also increase the flow of blood into the pelvis.

3. Stomach

In some women, the belly is so erogenous that caressing it, a girl is able to experience orgasm. But even if your girl does not reach the peak of pleasure, when you caress her belly, the erogenous zones still respond to touch, and she will get a lot of pleasure.

Caressing her belly, remember that this is an extremely sensitive and unprotected area of her body. Under the skin and thin layer of adipose tissue are internal organs that feel your every push and movement. Therefore, caress her tummy with the touch of fingertips and kisses. If you are not a qualified specialist, it is best to refuse massage.

4. Buttocks

Women like it when caressing their buttocks. Someone likes spanking and squeezing, and someone – gentle touch. You can only choose the actions that excite her most. Excites her, and not you, pervert. Feel the difference. Treat woman’s erogenous zones with all respect, buddy.

5. Knees and Elbows

These are secret erogenous zones. Nobody pays attention to them. And in vain. The inside of the knees and elbows is quite sensitive. Therefore, they need to pay attention.

Of course, some touches may seem ticklish to her. However, if you lightly massage, gently kiss and stroke these sensitive areas, the partner will quickly feel a pleasant sensation.

6. Brain

Suddenly! Among the underestimated erogenous areas was the brain. If you are planning a romantic evening with your partner, be sure to use this zone – be gentle and courteous to her, keep eye contact, surround her with a pleasant atmosphere. Do not forget about communication. It is best to whisper softly and even slightly vulgar words in her ear. No less important is her preliminary attitude. Therefore, even before the meeting, send her a message with a romantic content.

In Conclusion

The body of each person has its own individual characteristics. Take time with your partner to learn each other. You will not only make discoveries for yourself, but also get an unforgettable pleasure.

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