6 Unique First Date Ideas

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A First date is something special. Everyone remembers their first date forever. That is because it is something special. Close to the heart. People go to quite an extent to make their first date memorable. But if it is your turn now to make the best of your first date, then try something different. Dinner dates at a fancy restaurant or a candle light dinner or even a bunch of flowers are common ideas. Don’t repeat what is already done a thousand times and which is expected. If you are confused where to start, let me give you a few ideas and you can then find your mind ticking to make the best out of it.

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Here are 6 Unique Ideas For A First Date

  1. Beach Time

    Unique First Date Ideas
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Ditch the regular night date and hit the beach. Beach is refreshing, fun and relaxing. If it’s your first date you get to spend some time with each other, may be play some ball or build a sand castle (if the kid in you still lives!). The relaxing atmosphere lets you get comfortable with each other and have fun at the same time. You don’t have to be too formal or dressed up for a beach time.

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  1. Zoo visit

    Unique First Date Ideas
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If you are up for something wild, then consider going to a zoo with your date. You can just walk and talk while you see some of your favourite animals and reminisce your childhood. If you or your date is a lover of nature then this idea is a perfect fit. You can enjoy nature at its best with your date in a zoo. You might end up tired and hungry and sit down at a restaurant next without the requirement of a suit or a dress or flowers and candles.

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  1. Boating

    Unique First Date Ideas
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Your first date should be all about knowing each other and making the most of your time. So, what better than a boating session! It is calm and relaxing and you have plenty of undisturbed time to get to know each other. You can even arrange for a picnic bag to fill your time and your stomach while enjoying the serenity and each other.

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  1. Breakfast Date

    Unique First Date Ideas
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Have you ever thought of a breakfast date? It is possible and a very good idea indeed. That’s because you don’t have to be formal for a breakfast date. Again you can eat just anything you like. The fun part is you have lots of time after a breakfast date. If everything clicks and you like your company then you can decide to spend the rest of the day together.

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  1. Carnival or Fun Fair

    Unique First Date Ideas
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There is some carnival or funfair running in our town and you had considered visiting with your friends. Why not go there for your first date! It is going to be super fun. You can take rides together and scream and laugh till your stomach hurts and your heads spin! You can share and eat your cotton candies. If you are a bit shy then you would feel better with so many people around and by the end of the day you would be comfortable enough with your date to spend another fun day!

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  1. Karaoke Bar

    Unique First Date Ideas
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Karaoke bar is yet another interesting option if you are up for it! Unlike a normal formal date, you won’t be sitting and talking nervously in hushed tones. Rather you would be singing with your date and lots of other people and having loads of fun. It is a date night with oodles of laughter and music and entertainment. So, go for it and make the best out of it.

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