6 Weird Ways To Attract A Girl You Just Met



Sometime Life doesn’t gives you second chance to create first impression. This make much more sense when you are going to meet a girl on first date.It is a make or break situation where lack of quality discussion will kick you out of the picture. Let see some easy yet effective ways to attract a girl whom you just met and set the tone for future.

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Here are the 6 Weird Ways to Attract A Girl You Have Just Met

1. Use Command Words


Most women prefer to be the submissive one in their relationship.Use of command word such as “listen” ,”tell me”, “Come on lets go”. Some of it may sound rude but women get turned on by the girl who know what they want and are pretty clear in their approach.

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2. Call Her By Her Name


People loves to hear their names. It makes people important and respected. Try to use her name in middle of sentence, this will make her feel valuable and will create good feeling for you in her heart.

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3. Use Deep Voice


Most women find masculanity intoxicating. There is nothing more seductive than a heavy masculine voice.But try not to fake it, it will sound phony. Instead watch some movies and try to practice it over the time.

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