7 Biggest Turn Off For Girls You Display Without Knowing

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You can easily turn off girls without even saying a word. Have you ever noticed the sudden change in the behavior of a girl who was very much into you? Do you feel that you are getting a not – so – interested response from a girl even you haven’t done anything wrong according to you? Chances are you have already shown one or more of the traits mentioned below which has already done a non repairable damage to your image in her mind.

Here’re 7 Biggest Turn Off For Girls You Display Without Knowing


biggest turn off for a girl

No matter what car you drive, what brand you wear, the moment you show it off and your chances with girl are gone for a toss. You will be as good as a 10 year old kid who has just got a new bicycle.

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2. Lack of confidence

biggest turn off for a girl

You may have everything in you but if you are not able to use it, your game is over. This is the reason why hottest girl of college is always seen with an average guy.

3. Big Mouth

biggest turn off for a girl

It is always good to be quiet rather than to blabber. Always remember that people who talk less are listened more. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a spectator in the group, choose your words wisely.

4. No man show 

biggest turn off for a girl

This doesn’t mean you need to have six pack abs or bulging biceps. If you are not able to take the stand when required, chances are you will not take a stand for her as well.

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5. No aim or vision

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biggest turn off for a girl

If you show how pissed off you are with your job, you don’t know what you are going to do with your life blah blah blah, No one is going to be interested in you. People want to be a part of those people life who have a dream to look and an aim to achieve no matter how small it is. That is the reason why Narendra Modi is way ahead of Manmohan singh even though no one can doubt his intelligence.

6. Lack of patience

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This is a well-known fact that girl always take time to decide even if they have to buy a handkerchief. Things are not black and white for them, try to handle the grey Zone where they are yet to make up their mind. Being too pushy will only ruin your chance


7. Hygiene


Now this one is not a rocket Science. No one wants you to carry hand sanitizer in your pocket all the time. Cleanliness is not related to cloth you wear, place you work, job you do. It is sometime which should be there in your lifestyle.

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