How To Make Any Girl To Obsess Over You Without Much Effort

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Tired of making effort but not getting the result? Chances are either you overdoing it or doing it totally wrong. If you make your moves in right way in right direction at right time, you can easily make any girl obsess over you but this requires a perfect execution. Here are the 5 ways by which you can make any girl go gaga over you if executed to the perfection.

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Here’re the 5 Ways To Make Any Girl To Obsess Over You Without Much Effort

1. Challenge’s


Girl loves challenges, Imagine what’ll happen when a beautiful girl who is showered proposals and compliments on almost daily basis suddenly meets a guy who didn’t notice her even slightly and treats her like any other person in the world. This will make her think about how to get the attention of that guy in order to get his validation which will make her to make at least some moves to impress that guy.

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2. Be secretive


Once a girl figures you out completely, there is no chance that you can get her. Keeping your cards close to you helps a lot. Always have one or two secret weapons in your armor which will create an image in her mind that there is lot more hidden in you which she has to figure out. This will get her attention toward you.

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3. Get her attention


Always remember that attention = attachment, Now the million dollar question is how to get attention. For example, If she is wearing a nice dress and everyone has already complimented her and she is expecting compliment from you. What you have to do is just behave in a casual way. In general if your responses around her are not the one as expected, you are surely going to be noticed. She should not sense that you are trying to prove a point.

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4. Send her mixed signal


Now almost every guy can relate to this. How does it feel like when a girl who was replying to your texts within no second is now making you wait for hours and hours? You want to go to that girl and ask her straightforward. But this will make you sound desperate. Just try to give some mixed signals and see the result yourself if executed properly.

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5. Be Vague

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If you can leave a girl after your meeting or date with some thoughts about you, chances are that you have already setup a stage. Try to give her some questions which she needs to figure out herself. Never ever provide complete information.

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