7 Reasons Why A Best Friend Can Be The Best Life Partner

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Have you ever wondered why friendships last longer than romantic relationships? It’s because we pick the gems as friends but miserably fail at finding the right life partner. It is the absence of this friendship that creates unhappy marriages most of the time.

When we are out to make friendships, we behave as ourselves and attract like-minded pals. Haven’t you noticed how you and your best friend have a LOT in common?

So if a guy and a gal are best friends, wouldn’t they make an ideal couple? Wouldn’t there be a greater probability for a long-lasting relationship between two besties?

I spoke to a number of couples (married to their best friend), to know the perks of marrying a friend! And they gave me some very interesting answers which I have compiled below.

Here are 7 reasons why your best friend
can be the best life partner

1. Have similar beliefs, values and common friends


So you may not experience the “Mystery” or “Fireworks” of falling in love with the mysterious guy or girl, but having the same outlook towards life and numerous common friends, guarantee an exciting and happy future.

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2. They accept you and your flaws

We are on our best behavior when we are dating. But only a true friend has seen the worst tantrums and the ferocious rage fits. And yet they have loved you enough to be with you. So you don’t have to worry about your partner judging you when they see your ugly side!

3. You set no impractical expectations


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You and your friend have already met each other’s expectations, and that is the reason why you two are best friends, isn’t it? You know what the other person is capable of which stops you from being unrealistic.


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4. You know how to make each other happy


Again, when two people know each other well, they are also familiar with what makes the other one happy or what it takes to tickle their funny bones. When you have somebody who can effortlessly make you laugh or smile then you can look forward to a very happy and content future.

5. You can like talk forever!

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”- Andre Maurois.
You can never run out of topics while talking with your best friend. You can read each other’s thoughts and talk about anything under the sun, even on the dumbest topics.

6. Fights won’t last for long


Arguments and fights are an inevitable part of every relationship even if you are married to your best friend. But these rocky moments don’t last for long because – refer points 2 & 4. Your strong bond of friendship is going to get you through all the difficult times.

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7. You will be very comfortable with each other


You got to be yourself, don’t have to over board to impress each other and neither do you have to be self-conscious when you are with them. Even on days when you are not your most attractive self, you will be loved by your partner.

The secret ingredients to every happy relationship are adjustments and forgiveness, and when you are in a relationship with your best friend, your ego takes a backseat.

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