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8 Amazing secrets people need to know about Introverts


A lot has been debated in recent years about Introverts and Extroverts, which has helped introverts, gain a fair share of understanding from people who thought that they are anti-social. Recently someone gave me an amazing perspective differentiating introvert from extrovert. According to her an introvert feels highly energetic by being with himself/herself whereas an extrovert feels highly energetic by socializing and that in no way means that introverts are anti-social. Hats off to her understanding. Let’s explore more qualities about introverts:

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8 Amazing secrets people need to know about Introverts

1. They are old souls


Old doesn’t mean old in age with wrinkles, instead they are souls who still look within their heart for all the guidance, inspiration and for almost everything.

2. They have sixth sense


Introverts are very intuitive and they can sense phenomena months before it actually happens. They get hints of future events in theirs and other people’s lives through mysterious ways only they can understand.

3. They are clairvoyant


Most introverts can become great astrologers, psychics because of their clairvoyance. Sometimes even though they don’t have any formal training in the same, their powerful intuition can guide them in to the mysteries of the universe.

4. They are healers


They heal the world through their creative abilities which they express through writing, painting, medicine, research and many professions requiring tremendous thoughtful work.

5. They are highly sensitive


They can instantly and intensely feel the energies being emanated by a particular person. This is one of the reasons they avoid socializing because in a huge crowd they can feel the different vibrations, which drain their creative energy.

6. They are original


Their insight, understanding and perspective of everything in their lives; is their own and is never according to other person’s perspective, opinions and some established theories. This also makes them the best problem solvers and pioneers.

7. They are very creative


You will find most introverts working in creative professions and it is through these professions they can best express their inner urge to change the world. They also believe in creating their lives on their own without depending on anyone.

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8. They are extremely down-to-earth


While introverts are often mistaken as anti-social and egoistic, that is certainly not the truth. They are very down-to-earth and once they are comfortable with you, you will get to see their never seen before friendly persona.

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Have an introvert friend or a life-partner? What do you like or hate about them? Is it that you too have encountered their amazing side? We would like to know.



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