8 Illusions That Can Rip Off Real Happiness From Your Life


Happiness is a rare gift to be found in our lives these days. The reason it is a rare gift is that most of us have stopped living from heart. Heart is where happiness resides and the mind that doesn’t follow the heart surely follows illusions. Here are 8 illusions that are bound to delay happiness in our lives.

1. I want to be rich and successful very fast


Most of us in our 20s, succumb to unrealistic expectations about life and career believing that studies and hard work have very little to contribute to our success. However in our 30s, most of us would come to realize that no matter how many shortcuts we think there are to success, true success and prosperity is about persevering every day.

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2. Fake it until you make it


Well if you fake it, you will certainly make it among many others who also fake it. But if you keep it real, you will have some real achievements to be proud of.

3. Having a rich life partner is the easiest way to having it all

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A life partner who is rich in good thoughts works much better than just looking for a rich life partner whose way of thinking and behavior may not give you the real happiness.

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Written by Gayatri

is a self-employed Graphic Designer/Web Designer and Creative Writer.

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