8 Tricks To Be A Better Husband

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The marriage of two souls is for eternity. Sometimes may be not! We ruin our perfectly good marriages because of silly misunderstandings and miscommunications. A husband and wife start out their marriage with so much love and affection. Gradually that magic seems lost and living with each other seems more like a chore. Do you remember all the promises you made to her years back? So may be now you want to take matters into your own hands and be a better husband. You need the clock to turn backwards to the early days of marriage when you wanted each other s much. Use these 8 tricks to be a better husband and win back your wife’s love and trust.

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Here are 8 Tricks to be a better husband

1. Show your Wife some respect

show your wife some respect

You want to be respected by your wife, you are the husband afterall! To be a better husband, show her some respect as well. Value her decisions, Value the work she does, know that she is a different individual having her own aspirations and expectations.

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2. Compliment Her

compliment her

Acknowledge the efforts she puts in for you to prepare your favorite dinner, arrange your clothes and even shopping for you. Tell her how much that means to you. Give her a small compliment every now and then to show her that you need her.

3. Compromise when it is needed


So, the other day you had a fight with her and she didn’t say sorry. Did you? Why is she obliged to say sorry and sort out the matter. You being the man, a better husband need to compromise at times. It will only make her love you and respect you more, not less!

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4. Close the drawers and doors

close the drawers

Men, are you listening? Please don’t burden your wife with closing every single door and drawer you leave open. It is such a menial task for you as you go on every morning.  But put together the drawers, the cupboard, the bathroom door and whatnot, don’t keep ‘em open! She isn’t trotting behind you as a puppy to finish off all your carelessly unfinished work.

5. Touch Her

touch her

Don’t restrict your love only to the bedroom.  Show your love outside, that includes outside the house as well. Touch her arm as you pass by, give her a peck while she is busy doing the chores and hold her hands when you walk outside. These small touches can make her feel valued and desirable.

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6. Help With The Chores

help her with the chores

And that doesn’t mean only doing the laundry. You are as much responsible for the household as she is. So, help her out whenever you have time in your hands and there is stuff that needs to be taken care of. And who said that she has to do all these work? It is her choice, make it your choice as well.

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7. Communicate With your Wife

communicate with your wife

Most guys avoid communication whenever an issue arises. Forget the “guys don’t talk about it” notion. Be open about communicating your problems and that of the household and even finances. Communication is the key to any successful marriage. Things won’t get sorted if you just don’t talk and sleep over the matter assuming everything will be alright in the morning. Remember; never let her go to sleep without sorting out the issue.

8. No Towels on the Bed Please!

no towel on bed

How do men forget to pick their towels off the bed every single day? Or even why do they put it there in the first place? This is the biggest turn off for a woman. She has to pick up your wet towel off the bed and then realise that the pillows are already damp! Please change this habit to be a better husband. See her amazed when she doesn’t find a towel on thebed tomorrow morning!

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