7 Easy Tips For A Slimmer Body

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The New Year resolution that tops in the list of many people is to do something about their weight and get a slimmer body. Well, most people resolve, practice and then give up. If that is the cycle going on for quite a long time then you need to evaluate what you are doing to reach the goal of getting a slimmer body. The equation is actually very simple- diet+ exercise+ rest and you can bet you are going to get that slimmer body you always wanted. What doesn’t work is how much importance you give to each of the three factors. These few tips will certainly work for you only if you are determined to follow them.

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Here are 7 Easy Tips for a Slimmer Body

1. Make Water Your Go-to Drink:

water for a slimmer body

Water was the only drink that man used to go-to till he got his hands on juices, soda, cola and alcohol. They got so much leverage over the plain-old (healthy) alternative that water was just not a drink anymore. It’s time to put back the star in focus-yes, its water.

Drink water after you wake up, before your meals, after your meals and also in between. It will stop cravings and overeating and that means a slimmer body, isn’t it?

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2. Proteins dominate your diet

proteins dominate your diet

Proteins help you feel fuller and therefore are very important in your diet for a slimmer body. Make sure to include lots of proteins in your diet. But that doesn’t mean that you cut short any other food group. All types of food are important for your overall wellbeing and that includes carbs and fats.

3. Greens , Reds, Yellows and Blues

eat fruits and veggies

Those beautiful colors found in nature must be in your plate everyday and atleast four or five servings of those. Fruits and veggies are very important for your slimmer body. They fill you up and provide you with vitamins and minerals.

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4. Dance Like No one’s Watching

dance like no one's watching

Dancing is a very good form of exercise. It will help you lose weight while you are enjoying yourself. You won’t notice how hard you are working and in a few days you would have lost inches off your body. How great is that!

5. Run Like a Dog’s Chasing You

run for a slimmer body

That’s what I said. How hard will you run to escape a dog that’s chasing you? If you run like that for a week, you can notice the difference in your body and quickly achieve a slimmer body. Try it and see the results!

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6. Pick up Weight to Drop Weight

pick-up weights for a slimmer body

You need a slimmer body and lesser weight, so you have to pick up some weights. Weight training helps to increase your body metabolism and even lose calories while you sleep. And it’s not for the boys only. Are you listening girls? You won’t grow big if you lift weights, rather you will slim down.

7. Early to Bed and Early to Rise

sleep for a slimmer body

Your body needs rest to be able to repair and recover from a day’s hard work, both physical and mental. Your sleep time is when your body gets into maintenance mode. It take care of all the dead and damaged calls and tissues and helps you be healthy. So, you can’t achieve a slimmer body if you don’t let it rest enough, atleast 7-8 hours a night. Is that too much to ask for?

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