9 Questions To Ask In A Relationship That’ll Leave You Thinking

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Quizzing around in a relationship is fun and you get to know more about each-other. Playing around with these simple questions will help you to grow in relationship and understand your partner. More over you will have a quick reactions in the quiz which will help you to understand your partners behavior. Here are 9 Funny Questions To Ask In A Relationship That’ll Leave You Thinking

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1.Where would you like to have your dinner date, at a 5-star hotel or a at your house (room preferred) ?

2.Will you have a relaxing time at a motel or exhaustive trip for your honeymoon?

3.Will you prefer common-sense over intelligence or vice versa ?

4.What if you gain lot of weight over the years in our relationship ?

Finding your answers in a very fun way makes your relationship last longer and it makes your bond more tight than ever. Always find fun and innovative ways to question your partner and get to know what you want.

5.You’d prefer best friend for relationship or make relationship with any friend ?

6.Gifting an expensive gift or buying a normal present to impress ?

7.What are your opinion on having kids ?

8.You’d prefer dating a person high on social status or you’ve have got similar taste as me ?

9.What food would you serve your partner on a date ?

A simple quiz can get pretty intense, when you start asking about personal stuff. It can give your relationship a different medium to know each other. Try to ask something that will encourage and make them to open up about something personal, without divulging any details. You just pick one answer, and it’s up to you to decide how that plays into someone’s personality.

It doesn’t have to be serious. You can ask someone questions about possible circumstances in your relationship, but it doesn’t mean that it will actually happen. You just want to know what your date would do, if ever they were faced with the situation.


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