How To Grab Man’s Attention Without Trying Hard


We all like someone who we think is way out of our league. That doesn’t mean that you’ll stop to win them over. Aim high, mate! From history, we have learned that men are easy to get but in today’s generation, they’re the ones who are being finicky with whom they want to converse with. They actually want to be with someone they want to invest their time in. Only real men aren’t in for some ‘action’. So, my shy fella, we are going to enlighten you on how to grab a man’s attention and win him over with your beautiful self.

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7 Ways To Grab A Man’s Attention

1) Dress to Impress

People say that it’s your inner personality that is more important than anything else. Whilst that’s true, it never kills anyone if you dress well to get someone’s attention. A man loves if you know how to carry yourself. Carry yourself with confidence. Be the woman who turns peoples head over when she walks in even if it’s in simple jeans and a top. Be sexy!

2) Smell Good

Even if you’re looking like a buffoon sometimes, always smell good. It has proven by scientists that men are attracted to the good smell. So, use this fact for your benefit. Start using scented bath products and Eau de parfum. Be sensual with your aura.

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3) Give Space

If you’re already in talking terms with him, do not bombard him with texts and calls. It makes you look desperate and clingy. So, sometimes you need to play hardball and let him text you first. Let them pursue you because they like that. Don’t smother him with your overly expressive emotions inside of you.

4) Be Smart

Girls think that being silly and playing dumb is attractive to men. Well, it’s NOT. Men are attracted to smart, intellectual woman who knows what she is doing with her life, what she wants and where she is headed. Nothing is more irresistible than a woman who is independent. So, don’t come across as a dim-witted person because that will just put him off.

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5) Have Fun 

Don’t be the stereotypical girl. Make jokes, make him laugh, play video games with him even if you don’t know squat about it. Try to try the things he loves to do because even if you fail at it, it’s the effort that counts you do to him feel special.

6) Body Language

The way you carry yourself speaks a lot about your character. Flirt with him in ways which will give him signals that you are interested. Lean in when you are talking to him or you can stroke his arm. The best is making eye contact periodically and always smile. So, mix it up chicas and go with the flow.

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7) No to Negativity

Everyone has issues and so do you. You feel like venting sometimes and you think by sharing your problems will make him become closer to you. Make him want you. What you aren’t realising is that you are giving off negative vibes. Nobody wants to be around someone who is sad in their life. Even if you do share problems, don’t over share.

8) Be You

There is nothing more sexy that a woman who feels sexy in her own skin. You are the pretty perfect version of yourself and don’t let anyone else make you feel otherwise. Don’t change too much because once people get past your beauty, it’s your inner beauty that makes guys go gaga all over you. Be the kind caring person that you are and automatically men will be attracted towards you.

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We all want to be perfect so that people fall for you but it’s our imperfection that makes us enchanting to fellow humans.

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