Should You Pee Before or After S3X? Everything You Need To Know

Should You Pee Before or After Intercourse? Everything You Need To Know

As per the report of some of the sexual experts, it is known that women should go for peeing after they have been through sexual intercourse as it can minimize the risk of urinary tract infections and at the same time it is also advised that you pee before you go for a sexual encounter.

Although we cannot control when we might need a trip to the bathroom, however, there is a certain rule one needs to observe if they have this natural need to answer to. It mostly revolves around the subject of urinary tract infections which may be caused based on urinating before or after sex.

Although it is difficult to control when we would want to go to a restroom, however, there is a certain rule that one needs to follow if they have to answer the nature call. It revolves around the concept that urinary tract infections can be caused on the basis of urinating before and after sex.

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It is also known that if you go for a nature call and indulge in sex after that, then you can have a higher chance of having a UTI. The reason behind this is that foreign bacteria might occur in the urethra during the sexual encounter that would take place.

It is based on the fact that the penis might push the bacteria deep inside to urethra where it can go on to the urinary tract. Moreover, it can pave the way even to the kidney and cause damage to it as well.

Should You Pee Before or After S3x? Everything You Need To Know


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To make the situation even worse, there is a great chance of having recurrent UTIs such as Gardnerella vaginalis which can indeed be quite devastating. You can have this infection during the sexual intercourse and it can also cause significant damage to the kidney.

So, it starts to make sense that one should go for a pee after a sexual intercourse as it can help to remove unwanted foreign bacteria and perhaps clean the urinary tract if any kind of infections would be present. However, the next question that must be coming to your mind is how essential it is for women?

Well, if you are a woman who has a history of contracting UTIs, then it is recommended to follow certain practices and guidelines so that you can tackle the following situation. Make sure that you and your partner follow hygiene properly, wash your hands regularly and adopt safe sexual practices such as using a condom. In addition, if you want a clean urinary tract, then it is advised that you stay hydrated and drink lots of water so that you can flush out harmful toxins so that you can avoid the contact of UTIs.

Should You Pee Before or After S3x? Everything You Need To Know

So, the conclusion is that you keep yourself hydrated and go to the washroom both before and after sex. If you a patient of UTIs, then it is recommended that you take cranberry juice on a regular basis as it one of the best natural remedy that helps to clean up your urinary tract.

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