9 Things You Should Never Ever Do After A Breakup

Whenever you part ways and decide to break up with your ‘soulmate’, everyone you know becomes your ‘post break-up get over them’ therapist. They’ll come up with great ideas as to how to move on. They will suggest you to – Go to a party and drink your body weight or go on a trip. You’ll find these ways quite alluring. But they won’t clue in on what NOT to do. So, we are going to enlighten with the things you shouldn’t do after you lose your ‘lobster’. Yes, that’s a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference.

Here is the list of things you should NOT do
after your breakup

1. Cyber Stalking

Break Up

Oh yes, that’s right. You need to stop stalking your ex on Facebook, Instagram or Snap chat. You are going to see their ‘happy-fun’ stories and what’ll happen? You’ll feel alone and depressed. You need to stop obsessing over the fact that they liked someone else’s photo or they are having a gala time with friends. It’s their way of coping up, don’t go crazy!

2. Jealousy Kicks In

Break Up

It’s quite obvious for people going through a break up to be insanely jealous of other people’s happiness. You are questioning ‘why is my life so wrecked up? Why are they so satisfied and content?’ Don’t be one of those people. Be it your close friends or family; don’t turn green with envy like The Hulk! Be happy for them. They were there for you through your hard times, have the courtesy to be with them through their happy times.

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3. Pyjamas Session

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It’s a psychological fact that heartbreaks are equivalent to an actual physical pain. So what do you do? Stay in bed all day long- sleeping and doing binge eating of carbs. DO NOT do that! You need to get out of your house. So just go for a walk or go on a drive- amongst other things! But if you are feeling too sick to your stomach that you can’t even get up- invite your close friends and talk about it over some pizza.

4. Bad Mouthing

This is what everyone does and chances are you’ll do it! You’ll rant about your exes on how they treated you or what a bad kisser they are or how they annoyed you. You used to find these annoying things cute once upon a time! So, be the bigger person here and move on. Create a positive vibe around you.

5. Blame Game

Break Up

You need to stop blaming the other person. You were both equally wrong. Unless it was cheating where you can burn their favorite clothes. So, self-loathing isn’t the best way to go about it. Start hanging out with people who will compliment you. Your self-esteem will rocket up in no time. Start appreciating yourself a little. You deserve so much better.

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Written by Kasvi Verma

An architecture student from Delhi. Other things that interests her- Singing, getting addicted to new stuff. You're my type of weird. Join me?

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