6 Things Your Partner is looking for in You

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

6 Things Your Partner is looking for in You. The term “life partner” in itself is a complete word that leaves no scope for loopholes for you being lonely. It is that powerful relationship that two people share where you both are connected with all your positives, negatives, attributes and much more. When you sign up for a relationship, you sign for everything including joy, sorrow, happiness, contentment, success, failures and what all that you can only share with the person you love most.

But, before you walk down the aisle making way to the altar and confess those promises of being together, you must make sure that he/she is someone with whom you are absolutely sure about. So, what should be the character traits that your partner must have? You can find those traits in yourself because that’ll be those which your partner would also be looking for in you.

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We’ve compiled a list of the 6 Things Your Partner is looking for in You.

1. More than sympathy – empathy

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

Sympathy is when you feel sad for the other person who’s gone through a tough time whereas; empathy is actually stepping into the person’s shoe and understanding what actually has gone through him/her. If you cannot empathize with someone, you would not be able to have compassion, kindness, and consideration in general. Would you be able to marry a person who’s not kind enough?

2. Open-minded and straightforward

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

Everyone likes people who are straightforward and have an open mindset. They are the ones who do not keep secrets dug in their hearts and are open-book. You don’t have to put in a lot of efforts to make them show their true colors because they are what they are inside out and they don’t have to fake themselves with anyone. if you take a closer look at the introverts, this is the giant reason why most people are scared to step up and commit to a relationship.

3. Know the importance of time – and how to balance it with you

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

You might be the busiest person your partner knows but if you give the desired amount of time to your partner, nothing would beat their level of being energetic and in love with you. Everyone is busy in today’s time and if you are actually taking our time for someone, that person has to be special. This is one important trait that your partner would look for in you.

4. Sense of Humor

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

A great sense of humor is something not found very commonly these days. Anyone can crack lame jokes but if those lame jokes make the other person laugh till the stomach hurts, there’s nothing better than that. People find partners who can actually laugh at themselves because if they have this talent, they would hardly make you cry. Life is a little less heavier when there’s someone who makes sure that things don’t get a lot too serious. If you have this talent, you’re definitely on the win-win side.

5. Is romantic

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

No! Nobody wants the flirtatious partner who would go around spreading their charm, among others of the same sex. This would make his/her partner jealous. Would you want your partner to do that? A little romance makes your relationship go long way and that’s why this makes to be an essential character trait in a suitable partner.

6. Financially stable

Things Your Partner is looking for in You

Financially stable is one the Things Your Partner is looking for in You. With so much to spend on and so much to do, you don’t want a partner who would not work or who’s not financially stable. This definitely works for women more than men, but in today’s time, even men are looking for females who are working or can be the helping hand when the time comes.