What Girls Want From Their Male Partner


Girls always expect something romantic from you, you shoud bake some sexy things for them to make them happy and fall more and more for you. Here are few things explaining what girls want from their male partner you should must do with your girl and for your girl.

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Kiss and cuddle would be great baby

Passionate kisses are so lovely. Girls always  want you to kiss her at random moments ,when you are not around them they misses your touch because psychologically physical touch is healthy for a relationship.

What girls want from their male partner

Surprises, especially little ones

They want you to buy them gifts ,they like a little spontaneity. They don’t want surprise dates all of the time. These surprises can be too little or as grand as you want and it has to be different from those conventional ways make sure she feels different. Chocolate is the thing in this earth which girls loves the most so it would be great if you buy them sometimes.

What girls want from their male partner

 Just wanna chill together with you

They want to be with you and do some silly and cute things together. Do some weird stuffs with her, girls like weird and insane guys more than the normal one. They hate when you meet them in a group, always give them some private time in a while.

What girls want from their male partner

Flirt with her, romantic talks and text will make her go crazy

Send them some romantic lines and complement her ocassionaly. They always expect long replies. They want a real conversation with you not just a  “Hmmm” or  “ok”  kind of thing, you can send some lines from the lyrics of any romantic song .


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