9 Reasons Living Alone Is the Best Thing Ever

living alone
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Since we were kids, we used to see ‘adults’ coming over and telling their experience of living ‘alone’. It always kept us thinking at nights. They all looked so content and satisfied with their life. There was only one thought that always used to run in our minds ‘When will I grow up?’ At least it entered mine. In today’s world, everyone is anxious to live off on their own. Believe me, it’s worth a shot, pals.

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These are some alluring reasons as to why
you should
live alone

1. Sleeping

living alone
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Sleep as much as you want. You don’t have to worry about other people’s constant nagging. Its your house, your rules! You can be a koala bear or an owl. No one can give you a hard time about it. So, take a nap whether its 4 in the afternoon. Be a rebel!

2. Pants Are Optional

living alone
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As soon as you enter your heavenly adobe, you can just rip off your pants and throw them on the floor. Sweatpants become your new best friend! Take some snacks and do some binge watching of your favourite TV shows. No one’s going to stop you, kid.

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3. Cleanliness Matters

living alone
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Even though you were a hot mess in your parent’s house with all your clothes on the floor, books scattered. You will soon realise you like to have a ‘nice and clean’ look of your own apartment. Basically, you become a cleanliness freak. You’ll swab even a small spot on the window. And if by any chance someone leaves a water ring, you go berserk!


Written by Kasvi Verma

An architecture student from Delhi. Other things that interests her- Singing, getting addicted to new stuff. You're my type of weird. Join me?

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