Do You Have The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape?

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If you have been wondering about getting the perfect hairstyle that flatters your face, say “hurrah”, because you are about to learn how to get that perfect hairstyle. The hairstyle that suits your face shape indeed can make you look your best and can be a major makeover for you. If you are not wearing your hair properly, you are missing an important part of your overall look. Your hair is a great asset and also it is your most expensive jewellery! Short, long, wavy, curly, layers, bangs- do it right girls and you will rock the look. To know the shape of your face just stand infront of the mirror and trace your face on the mirror with a marker or a lipstick and observe the shape (You might need to use some cleaner for your mirror later but that much effort is worth it, isn’t it?)

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Find Out the perfect hairstyle that flatters Your Face Shape

1. The Perfect Hairstyle for a Round Face

perfect hairstyle for round face shape

A round face is sweet, usually chubby with fuller cheeks. If your face shape is round then you need to highlight your cheek bones with soft layers around the upper part of your face. It would help if you try adding height to the top by high upstyles. If you go for shorter hair then make sure that it begins at the nape and has ends at a point below the chin.

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2. The Perfect Hairstyle for an Oval Face

perfect hairstyle for oval face shape

Congratulations if you have an oval face. This is the best shape that anyone can have and any hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for you. Just remember not to have hair covering your perfectly shaped face.

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3. The Perfect Hairstyle for a Heart-Shaped Face

perfect hairstyle for heart-shaped face

If you have wider forehead and a pointy chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. You can opt for bob cuts and try to add layers under your cheek bones so that your narrow jaw-line can look a little wider. You can also consider adding some fringes so as to hide the broad temple.

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4. The Perfect Hairstyle for a Square-Shaped Face

hairstyle for square shaped face

The square-shaped face is not very flattering but you can do something about it with the help of a perfect hairstyle to soften your features. Your best bet can be adding curls and waves to your hair especially around the strong jaw-line to soften it and make it look less angular. You can add low fringes gradually increasing them for a better look for your square-shaped face.

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5.  The Perfect Hairstyle for an Oblong Face

hairstyle for oblong face shape
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If you have an oblong face, meaning you have long and narrow face use fringes or half-bangs across the forehead. Soft curls and waves in the hair will help give the illusion of an oval face.

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