How To Be Masculine Without Being A Jerk


Women like man who has a masculine charm and knows how to use it. Unfortunately, instead of venturing down the extremely sexy path of emotionally strong and respectable males, the modern day depiction of a manly man ends up walking down the frat boy path of douche-baggery.

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Here are ways you can assert your manliness without coming off as the biggest douche canoe in existence.

1.How to treat a woman


One of the ultimate signs of being a real man is knowing how to treat a woman, and we don’t just mean in bed. She is a smart individual with goals, who needs to be respected as your partner, not your plaything.

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2.Confidence totally sexy


Confidence does not mean arrogant, but it’s a definite sign of manliness. A confident man knows what he wants and knows how to get it done. He shows pride in himself, shows determination, decisiveness, and it shows that he has a strong mind and body.

3.March your own path


A real man marches to his own path. That should never mean that he disregards others for the sake of being rebellious. Instead, he doesn’t give in to pressure from others and never lets a crowd make a decision for him.

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