Human Psychology: 10 Secrets of the Creative Brain

Human Psychology: 10 Secrets of the Creative Brain

So in this article, we will discuss secrets of the Creative Brain but before that let me ask you few questions. When you walk down the gallery where some of the most exquisite paintings are on display, how do you feel? When you talk to an artist, what are the thoughts running through your head? When you listen to an artist singing and you are in tears, what are the feelings going on in your heart? When you look at a man painting a pot, why do you get goosebumps?

Creativity leaves us enthralled. No matter what kind of an artist we interact with, we fall in love with them because of their creativity. Artists have fans because people are attracted towards the creativity that they have in their brain.

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So what are the secrets of the creative brain?

Human Psychology: 10 Secrets of the Creative Brain


  1. A creative brain never stops thinking: You would never find a singer not humming or a painter not scribbling something on a blank paper; a creative brain can’t sit idle.
  2. A creative brain doesn’t rest: There is no way in which a creative brain can be put to rest. In fact, most of the creative individuals tend to lose their good night sleep.
  3. A creative brain is always eager to learn: If you want to see the best learner in the world, find someone creative and you’d notice that they are always open to learning new things.
  4. A creative brain has an awesome IQ: If a writer doesn’t have a higher IQ level, who would? Intelligence and creativity go hand in hand.
  5. A creative brain is the one that appreciates other forms of art: You wouldn’t find a creative person addicted to only one thing; an artist always admires other artists and art around him.

  6. A creative brain doesn’t need motivation; it needs inspiration: You don’t have to motivate a creative brain; it needs inspiration. Sometimes, a painter wouldn’t paint for months and sometimes, they would paint twenty paintings in a row.
  7. A creative brain is not affected by criticism: You can’t demotivate a creative brain. Creative individual likes being challenged and not criticized. You can’t tick off a creative brain.
  8. A creative brain would prefer dating another creative brain: If you are a creative soul, you can attract an artist easily to yourself. You just have to flaunt your talents and voila – you win the heart of an individual with a creative brain.
  9. A creative brain is the one that doesn’t wish to be disturbed: You should never disturb a creative brain or you can lose being around the individual for the rest of your life.
  10. A creative brain resists socializing: I have personally noticed creative brains staying away from the crowd or other people. A creative individual is always in their own world.

Every individual is creative. However, we push ourselves to monotonous jobs so much that we lose the charm of our life. Painters, singers, dancers, actors, writers and other such artists do not lose their creativity because they turn their passion into a profession.

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