7 Tips For An Introvert To Approach People


It’s a hard life out there for an Introvert. They have a difficult time approaching someone and all they crave is for some deep meaningful conversation. They feel inferior because of the ‘stereotypes’ people have about them. You just want people to listen to you, talk to you and have fun with you! That’s all. It’s high time, pals. You need some easy going helpful ways to approach other homo-sapiens and we have got it for you. We will help you come out of your shell!

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Here are some life-changing tips for you, you humble creature:

1. Positive Self Talk

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You need to get it out of your system that you aren’t good enough. Well, let me inform you something- Nobody is PERFECT. Everyone has their flaws, you have them too. You shouldn’t let these ‘little bugs’ in you keep yourself from approaching a person. You, my friend, are the best version of yourself. Keep having these self talks with yourself whenever you are feeling a little blue and voilà, you’re gaining self-confidence.

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2. Cultivate Conversation

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You, shy geniuses, will be thinking ‘Oh, I can’t approach someone. They’ll think I am creep.’ Good morning, fellas. Nobody cares about that. Sometimes, you got to burst your comfort zone bubble. Moreover, they are head over heels with the fact that you are interested in them. So, just go over and start a simple conversation. You can start by asking their name or how was their day or what do they do. These little questions are going to help you for eternity.

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3. Be Inquisitive


One of the perks of being a silent human is your ON-POINT OBSERVATION SKILL. Yes, that’s right. You know a person’s likes and dislikes since you’ve been watching them. It does sound creepy, it’s not though! So, use these skills of yours and talk about their interests. It makes the person feel secure and comfortable conversing with you.

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4. Loosen Up


A person’s body language gives the best judgement of their personality. If you don’t feel confident, ACT confident! These are some tips that you could try- standing up straight, making eye contact once in a while and SMILING. A smile will take you long way, people. Your whole body should shout ‘I am the whole package’.
Warning– Don’t exhibit a ‘closed shop’ behaviour. Don’t hunch, do not have a ‘rest face’. The person’s interest will fade away and they’ll move on.

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