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10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Sensitive Guy


There are an increasing number of men who cry after watching a heart-breaking movie, men who use moisturizers and visit salons and men who avoid a fist fight! They are categorized as the sensitive lot or in a more casual language the Mr. Nice Guy. Although you might need to be your own prince in certain adverse situations, there are numerous other advantages of settling for the nice guy.

Here is why dating the sensitive guy is a great idea

1. They will make you feel beautiful every single day

sensitive men

It doesn’t matter if there are other hot women out there, because for sensitive men beauty is in the love and care that you show towards them. The more you love them the more beautiful you are in their eyes.

2. Sensitive men are good at expressing themselves

sensitive men

They don’t run away from their emotions. The nice guy takes great pride in expressing his feelings. They effortlessly connect with you on an emotional level.

3.Sensitive men are brilliant listeners and they make good conversationalists

sensitive men

This is what women want….Isn’t it? A companion who hears them and spends quality time having a good conversation over their favorite cup of beverage…well then here you have it.

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4. The Nice Guy knows how to empathize


Nice guys don’t cling on to their egos all the time. They sincerely care for others feelings and never ever try to hurt others. This is the perfect guy to bring home to your parents and friends.


Written by Bipasha Lal

She has received her bachelors in Media & Communication from Madras Christian College. Having been inspired by a lot of wonderful writers she too hopes to make a difference in other peoples lives with her works. When not writing you are most likely to find her watching movies, painting or browsing through magazines.

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