6 Reasons Why You Should Compliment Yourself



You- so precious, so awesome and so worthy! When was the last time you realised this about yourself? Many people struggle everyday with their image and self-esteem. Everyday is about proving ourselves better than our peers. We are running endlessly. Stop. Think. Did you lose yourself in the everyday monotony? Roll back into your best self in no time. It is really easy if you do this- compliment yourself everyday. You will find yourself cheerful and confident in a few days. It actually works! Here is why-

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Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Compliment Yourself

1.You deserve the best

© pixabay.com

© pixabay.com

You are special and you deserve the best in everything in life. Even the compliments should be the best and the best only comes from you. Know how special you are. Give yourself some credit for how you graciously you have handled your life and raised yourself from every fall. You don’t settle for ordinary, you will only rest when you have the best.

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2. You know yourself


Not your best friend and not even the love of your life, only you know yourself in every way. You know what you are worth and how you have achieved the tiny space you have created for yourself in the world. Your deepest emotions, your happiness and your struggle are all registered inside you permanently. Compliment yourself for that.

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3.Don’t wait for another person

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© pixabay.com

You feel ecstatic when another person, be it your friend, partner or even a stranger compliments you. And you wait for it! When you wear a stunning piece of dress, achieve something important or feel your best you wait for that little compliment. If you get it, it lights your day but when no one does, you are gloomy. Get over it. You should be the first person to compliment yourself and not anyone else. People around you can always love to make another miserable before making you feel good. So feel your true worth and be the first to compliment the beautiful you.

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4. You Love yourself

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© pixabay.com

Everyone is born alone and dies alone. People come and go throughout your lifetime. Someone claiming to love you more than the world may leave you in a moment and you find yourself alone. Only you stay true to yourself.  As we grow up we stop to see ourselves from our own perspective. We rely on other peoples’ judgement about our nature and character. We start seeing ourselves through their eyes. Deep within, you know that only you are your best friend. You love yourself. The need is just to realise it. It can be done by complimenting yourself everyday even if it is just once.

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5. When you do, so does the world

© pixabay.com

© pixabay.com

When you hold yourself with respect and dignity, so does the world. When you love and compliment yourself, so does the world.  You don’t need to wait for the world. You start feeling worthy, and you will find people respect you more. If you fail to do so, how can the world see you? It needs your eyes to see your true person.

6. It is true

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    © pixabay.com

What is true is what you say. You compliment yourself not to overdo and feel important. You do it because it is the absolute truth. When you know the better things about you, you need to say it out loud. We usually try to point out our flaws when we look into the mirror. But the person you are is not flawed. Nobody is perfect. It is just a balance between the good and bad. Instead of focussing on the flaws and getting depressed compliment yourself and focus on the goodness you have.

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Try complimenting yourself everyday for a few days and see how your spirits fly. You will be a more happy, productive and joyous person in no time. Even the people surrounding you will see the difference and more compliments are what will be in queue for you.

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