6 Tips to Treat Acne, Scars, and Skin Imperfections at Home

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As per the recent survey, it has been known that 50 million Americans suffer from acne at some stage of their life. Acne is more prone to women as compared to men with 50% women been affected as compared to 25% men. Acne can be caused by a lot of reasons such as allergies, genetics, environmental factors and dietary issues to name a few.

Apart from acne, there are other skin imperfections that we often deal with. The common skin problems are sunburn, skin pigmentation, dark circles, clogged pores to name a few. So, here are the 6 tips to treat acne, scars, and imperfections at home.

1) Apple cider vinegar for acne

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best detoxifying agent having anti-bacterial properties and it has great acne healing properties. Make sure that you purchase organic Apple cider vinegar as it is known to be very beneficial for the skin. To use it as a form of toner, you would need to take some ACV in a glass and perhaps take some water to dilute it. The recommended ratio that you need to select is 1:1. All you have to do is mix both the elements and then put it on the clean pad. Further, wash your face and pat the cotton pad all over your face. Allow it to dry and then follow your usual skincare routine.

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2) Green Tea for acne scars

Green Tea comes with anti-inflammatory properties and it helps in the reduction of inflammation in the skin. You can have a younger looking appeal and it can also help in reducing the wrinkles. In a similar manner, green tea also helps in reducing the acne scarring.

To make a mixture, you would need to take some tea leaves in a cup of water and further boil it. After, it has boiled for a period of 5 mins, strains out the green tea and perhaps put a piece of cloth in it. Once, it cools down, places the cloth over your face and allows it to leave on your face for a period of 5-10 minutes.

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3) Olive oil for treating wrinkles

Olive oil has been used in the beauty segment for overages now. It comes up with vitamins A and vitamins E which helps in skin regeneration as well as help in treating the symptoms of aging. All you have to do is take few drops of the olive oil and further mix it with honey and glycerin. Massage it on your face and neck twice daily in perhaps an upward motions.


4) Sea salt and honey to treat Blocked Pores

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Sea salt is considered to be rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, and calcium which can help to remove the dead skin cells as well as remove the pores and clean the dirt. All you need to do is take 2 tsp of salt and further mix it in 4 tsp of honey. Further, apply the mixture to your face and further leave it on your face for 5 minutes. Rub gently to remove the mixture and then wash it off.

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5) Turmeric and pineapple juice for treating dark circles

Turmeric comes up with great healing properties which can potentially help in reducing the dark circles. In addition, when combined with pineapple juice, it can work like wonder for the eyes as pineapple is loaded with vitamin c and it has skin nourishing minerals present in it. To start off, you would need to take 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder alongside 2 teaspoons of pineapple juice. Mix it to make in the form of the paste and further apply it in the area under your eyes. Leave the mixture for a period of 10 minutes and then wash it off using the lukewarm water.

6) Aloe vera for treating the sunburn and inflammation

Aloe vera is considered as one of the best natural herbs and it has been used a lot for beautification and medicinal purposes. Take an aloe vera gel and mix it with some honey. Further, apply it on your face and leave it for a period of 15 minutes and further clean it using lukewarm water.

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