Rich Celebrities Who Will Inspire You To Make A Living

rich celebrities

‘If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, But if you die poor it’s your mistake.’ – Bill Gates

Being born into a less fortunate household is not an excuse to not make a decent living. Poverty is just another obstacle to be overcome. This list of rich celebrities just proved that being poor is just another barrier that can be pushed aside with determination and hard work.

This list of 10 rich celebrities who had modest beginnings is sure to inspire you.

1. Jim Carrey


The Carreys were compelled to live in their van. Jim even needed to stop school and work as a security protect and a janitor at age 15. He entered the parody circuit and soon offers came coming in.

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2. Oprah Winfrey 


Daughter of a housemaid and a coalminer, Oprah unquestionably did not develop in the lap of extravagance. Carrying on with the life of destitution, she was abused and attacked by relatives. It took her a lot of strength and willpower to become the most powerful and influential person in the world.

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3. J.K.Rowling 


Conceived in a modest English family, Rowling fought wretchedness, self-destructive inclinations and destitution to wind up a standout amongst the most adored British creators on the planet for her massively well known Harry Potter arrangement

4. Chris Gardner 

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© youtube

He wrote The Pursuit of Happiness, which was inspired by his life. Physically mishandled by his stepfather as a kid and put in a foster home, Gardner’s hardships did not abandon him even as he grew up to wed and be a father. Gardner battled with vagrancy while bringing up his child.




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Written by Bipasha Lal

She has received her bachelors in Media & Communication from Madras Christian College. Having been inspired by a lot of wonderful writers she too hopes to make a difference in other peoples lives with her works. When not writing you are most likely to find her watching movies, painting or browsing through magazines.

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