6 Thoughts We ALL Have Before Getting Out Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

It’s 7 am, well, No let’s be more realistic here,it’s approaching 11 AM and you haven’t moved a damn muscle. Getting out of the bed is the ultimate struggle, every single morning. You can’t get away from your pillow and the cool chilled mornings. Before you finally get up, you think of million things, million thoughts you have before getting out of the bed.

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Here are 6 Thoughts We ALL Have Before Getting Out Of Bed.

1.Why did I ever have to grow up?

Bed Bugs
                                                     ©Gif’s via Tumblr

We all feel the same. Why did I grow up so soon ? I want to be a baby again. I want to sleep all day. Babies are so lucky .

2.Just Ten more minutes more

Bed Bugs
                                                    © Gif’s via Tumblr

Please, just ten more minutes. I can be a little late today, right? It’s like iPhone snooze options were meant to royally fuck you over because WHOOPS, You just said ten more minutes but there goes an hour.

3.Ughhhh , it’s morning already?

Bed Bugs

Tick-Tock , Tick -Tock …… Why does the time pass so quickly ? Why the hell Night’s are so small ? Is the clock right ?

4.If I want to eat breakfast or want to have coffee, I’ll have to get up

Bed Bugs
                                                       © Gif’s via tumblr

Coffee or breakfast , you probably need it. Okay….who in this house/apartment is making breakfast or coffee, can someone please bring you coffee.

5.Eh, let me check my phone first

Bed Bugs
                                                     © Gif’s via Tumblr

Checking your phone , *15 mins later* OMG, I’m still playing around with my phone in bed.

6.Who the hell is ringing the doorbell so early?

Bed Bugs
                                                          © Gif’s via Tumblr

Who the hell is ringing the doorbell so early and why isn’t any one answering it. Godd, I have to do EVERYTHING around here!

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